Top Steel Cameroun | Production de Tôles et accessoires

Material Structure:

The materials used on surface layer are ultra-weather resin which helps to prevent the effect of UV rays coming from sun and along with reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity. All these notable features ensure durability and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The intermediate and underlying layers are made up of the materials that ensure excellent strength and excellent insulating nature.

Features :

Corrosion Resistance : Manufactured using superior quality of steel and aluminum, these sheets have excellent anti-corrosion properties.
Good Heat Insulation : The color coating on these sheets has strong insulating properties and thus these sheets give the excellent protection against heat.
Water Resistant : Water cannot stay on these sheets owing to the waterproof feature of these sheets.
Weatherproof : Without getting damaged, these sheets can bear extreme weather conditions.
High Strength: Better tensile strength makes these sheets to bear heavy loads.
Beautiful Appearance : With their availability in wide range of colors, these are attractive in look.
Economical : Requirement of extra costs like installation and maintenance costs are minimum due to which these sheets have excellent economical value.